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Matthew Reynolds appointed as Corporate Consultant

Frankfurt am Main, June 26th, 2020: DGWA, the German Institute of Asset and Equity Allocation and Valuation is excited to announce that Matthew Reynolds has joined the company as a corporate consultant.

Matthew brings over 30 years’ experience in finance and accounting. He is based in Frankfurt and has recently been working with an ASX listed company to engage the European investor base, report on EU financing options such as green bonds and consider EU strategy options.

Matthew will work closely with Stefan Müller, CEO of DGWA to assist Australian corporates with a dual listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, investor relations, capital raising in Europe, promoting engagement with EU investors and family offices and strategic opportunities in Europe.

Stefan Müller states, that “there is a significant opportunity for small to mid-cap ASX listed entities to engage with investors in Europe. We are seeing considerable interest in positive impact investments, as well as in the agriculture, mining and resources, and technology sector. European investors tend to hold their investments for a longer period of time and require information and insights about their investments as well as industry developments. Matthew understands the Australian corporate landscape and we are excited to be working with him to harness the opportunities in the European capital markets for listed Australian corporates”.

Matthew Reynolds mentions: “Australian companies seeking a global presence, access and engagement with European capital markets should be strongly considered. DGWA have a 25-year track record in trading, investing and analysing SMEs around the world. I am excited to be working with the team and together creating value for Australian corporates”.

There is enormous appetite in Europe for positive impact investments and sustainable businesses. COVID-19 has reinforced many investors’ appetite for companies that produce a product or service that benefits society and / or the environment. Matthew Reynolds states: “Australia is becoming an engine room for high impact businesses. Many of these have global ambitions and generating interest in Europe with family offices and impact investors should be high priority to broaden the shareholding, provide a stable share registry and develop a relationship with EU shareholders for future capital raises. We are endeavouring to talk to high impact, small cap ASX listed companies with a European footprint in the coming months about the benefits of dual listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange together with investing in professional IR services offered by DGWA”.

For Australia EV-minerals producers, there has never been a better time to engage with EU investors. Stefan Müller says: “Cars are the number one industry topic in Europe. Every single day, more and more car makers are progressing with their EV plans. The industry is massively supported by EU based organisations. Many international listed companies are already receiving grants and subsidies such as Almonty Industries (USD 76 million KfW credit line) or European Metals (€29,1 million investment).”

Stefan Müller adds: “DGWA has extensive experience in working with ASX listed mining companies and lithium producers. We are excited to work closely with Matthew to ensure ASX listed companies are aware of the enormous opportunities in the EU capital markets”.

For ASX companies with a strong business model, narrative, sense of purpose, capable management, and global ambitions, the time has never been better to engage with EU investors. DGWA have the expertise, experience, and connections to add significant value for ASX companies in Europe.

Matthew Reynolds 
Corporate Consultant

Stefan Müller