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DGWA hosts EIT / TU FREIBERG Program

DGWA – is supporting EU resource industry professionals and students by conducting an online short Course for EIT RawMaterials – Regional Center Freiberg  – ‘Creating Exploration Companies – Start Up Template’ – to be presented by DGWA’s Jason Beckton.

Email: event@eit.tu-freiberg.de

Course description

‘Start Up Template’ will enable resource industry professionals maximise the value of their intellectual capital. This will be achieved by a practical exercise and creation of a joint Company or ‘NewCo’ with exposure to corporate processes to from a leadership or founder position. Ideas generated by technical people on the resources industry including exploration and or mining/processing concepts should be protected not only by patent if possible but by protecting the tenure of the idea.

The course is broken into two days of learner centred training detailing group exercise of company formation one day one, followed by company operations in the early stages with noted on probable endgames for the company and its new shareholders.

An important element to the course is the pivot away from areas of technical comfort all geologists, engineers or general technical people have, into the importance of commercialising their ideas without over reliance on a finance industry always ready to monetise an idea without a holistic view on benefits to shareholders, community and the likely end game or outcome for the enterprise in the medium to long term.

Early creation of a capital growth plan is a key area the group will discuss and work on to produce for the joint NewCo. Discussion of real world presentations will also be analysed in a group environment and mock Investment Bank analyst reviews. Day two will equip participants to develop a plan for ongoing operations beyond the period of initiation of the company into the critical post ‘honeymoon’ stage of a NewCo.

Objectives and outcome

Students will be able to apply a template as per below of how to commercialise their ideas in the key area of competition and value creation in the Resources Sector – Exploration Tenure and discoveries.

Implement a funding strategy for the cash negative NewCo with appointment of advisory and or partners using examples of templates to ensure commercial agreements that protect the students interests.


With offices in Frankfurt, Berlin and Vienna as well as representatives in Australia and Canada, DGWA focuses on the growing interest within the European financial community in minerals and materials needed fort he green transition, the electric vehicle boom and energy storage systems industry.

DGWA’s focus is on the sustainability of projects, and the ability to deliver value for all stakeholders including the investor network and the wider community. The comprehensive experience and expertise DGWA provides to progressive mining companies, match the needs of modern investors, with European investors actively seeking good and sustainable investment opportunities in the resources sector.

EIT RawMaterials – Regional Center Freiberg

Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg (TU BAF) and Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf (HZDR) are core partners of EIT RawMaterials. The EIT RM  Regional Center Freiberg (RCF) is a cooperative institution between both partners and plays a vital role in fostering the regional promotion of science and research, public and professional education, as well as environmental protection.

Contact Person
Willem Zank

 +49 3731 39 – 2229