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DGWA’s corporate clients are national and international, listed and non-listed, small and medium size companies. We understand these business relationships as a true partnership where both parties will be able to concentrate on their respective strengths. Working together means knowing each other, identifying each other’s strengths and weaknesses in a mutually beneficial way.

Growing companies will sooner or later have the need for capital to finance growth, new projects, R&D, take-overs or the restructuring of existing debt. The ability to attract potential investors is related to various factors. Interest rates are low in this new area but also at the same time not easy to access. Investors have learned from past cycles and are smarter than ever these days. In addition, they have the choice between countless opportunities – a deep Due Diligence (DD) is therefore always the critical part of the investment process. The DD is much more than a snapshot and is often underestimated by the capital seeking companies.

Being familiar with the investors needs and DD procedures we are able to increase our client’s preparation so that their perception as an attractive investment is increased substantially – for current or future financings as well as ongoing support for listed companies. DGWA offers various modules – tailor-made for the size, the structure and the needs of its clients to achieve this goal.

In any present need for financings we analyse the current company´s status and general market conditions. We already include selected potential investors in this process to be able to develop and structure the most promising vehicle or structure to issue or raise capital. While based in Frankfurt, DGWA works with an international network of partners in order to reach a wide range of investors with various investment needs and strategies. This network supports our ability to identify and match the right partners for our clients.